Media training: mention the brand!

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At a media training session yesterday I had an unusual experience. In general I find people are too quick to mention their company name too many times. They’re in the interview to make their point and build their business so of course you get the “In my company, X, my colleagues think the best thing for X to do is this. X customers, on the other hand…”

…and so it goes until all of the quotes hit the cutting room floor. I’ve had near-rows with internal PR people about this in the past, who’ve urged clients to mention the brand in every sentence. Never, ever do this. No matter what you’ve said, we’ll hear “product puff” and won’t use the quote.

Yesterday’s event was different. The company in question had to be coaxed into mentioning their brand at all.

Branding in media interviews

At Clapperton Media we believe there’s a balance to be struck and no hard and fast rules, except that if you play a recording of an interview back and feel you’ve been too salesy, you might be right. (See what I did there? One brand mention and that’s going to be the lot for this post).

Bear in mind, though, that there can be different sorts of interview. If you’re doing a piece to camera or an audio interview, you’re free to ask how it’s going to be used. If they’re going to use your best quote and your best quote only, try to get the company name into every answer – otherwise you’ll lose your opportunity to promote it. If the publication is going to use the full five minutes or however long, then once or twice is enough.

Either way, focus on the valuable content you can share with listeners, readers or whoever. No matter how polished your delivery is, you’re going to be remembered better for what you said rather than how you branded yourself – and this is true whether you’re a massive international corporation or a tiny sole trader.

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