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Be present in an interview

I had this interview scheduled. I attended in person. It was that kind of day.

I was there bang on time, which is pretty usual I’m pleased to say. The interviewee was just finishing his previous meeting but his colleague brought me coffee, which was thoughtful. I sat. I drank coffee.

15 minutes later the interviewee came in. OK, it happens. I was happy enough. He then said he was expecting a delivery and asked whether I’d mind if he broke off during the interview. I said that was fine and his delivery appeared immediately.

I expected him to sign. He did. He took his package to his colleagues. He talked them through it.

Finally we did ten minutes of an interview. His colleague came through. There was a call – he’d scheduled it, apparently. He asked to be excused for two seconds.

20 minutes later he sauntered back in. He apologised for the delay and by this time I’d been there 50 minutes and had 11 minutes of interview in the recorder.

20 minutes later I left. Nobody will be able to tell how I was treated from the content of the written interview, that would be unprofessional – but if I ever need a second quote for a feature I know where not to bother going.

If you can’t spare the time to do an interview properly, don’t do an interview.

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  1. I was once flown all the way to the US to meet a V V VIP. Driven to his facility (a good way from the airport) then left to wait in reception, with only a security guard for company, for almost 2 hours. Was then told the interview would have to be cut short because I was ‘late’. Hmm.

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