Cyber Monday offer – 20% off media training

A lot of people I know have become very cynical about this Cyber Monday/Black Friday thing. I’ve never seen the point of writing something off before you’ve tried it, so I’ve decided to put my own offer together.

If you’re thinking you or a client need some help with the media – whether it’s with writing contributed articles, interview sessions with feedback or crisis management – and are happy to take it during December, I will offer 20% off my usual prices.

So for a basic session my fee during December 2015 will be £480 plus VAT rather than my usual £600 plus VAT. Add-ons such as follow-up calls are available.

The service will be unchanged. You will get:

  • Telephone consultation to make sure I deliver the session you need
  • Half day session at your premises or at a venue I will book (and pass on the costs to you subject to 20% VAT, or you can organise the venue if you prefer)
  • Interview practice sessions and feedback
  • Video footage of your interview (a new addition to my service, for which I have not increased the fee)
  • A free copy of my e-book on media and presentation tips, 150 pages long

I’m compromising on price for this promotion but not on completeness of the offering.

If you think this might be appropriate for your company or, if you’re in PR, a client’s company, you can contact me by clicking here or calling 07973 278780.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


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