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Corporate video interviews: let the journalist think

I’ve been shooting a corporate video today. It’s been good because the interviewee is lively and knows her subject really well. The only minor frustration was that the client dictated the questions to ask.

I don’t have a massive objection. They were pretty good questions as it happens (which is not always the case). I have a good feeling about this one.

On other occasions it’s been less good. Sometimes I get given a list of questions and instructed not to divert from them.

Why would you hire a journalist with 27 years of experience and just get him to read questions out, not allowing him or her to use any initiative?

Corporate video needs to engage

Corporate videos, even more than other videos, needs to be engaging to the viewer. It’s not enough that your company gets a mention; you need people to be watching, not switching off and hopefully reacting to whatever your points are.

If you’re hiring a journalist to present it, the chances are very good that they’ll know a few tricks to make this work. They’ll also know how to ask questions to get a really good answer, to provoke some thought.

I had it again when someone confirmed me as host of a round table. They wanted a comprehensive list of questions to be asked, and they wanted it before I’d seen their main presentation.

The simple answer was that I didn’t know what I was going to ask. I’d be listening and using my intelligence while they were speaking.

You pay for skills, use them!

It’s not control freakery. I’m genuinely convinced people are worried that if a journalist is given a free rein at their event, they’ll run riot and the important messages will be lost. That may well be true of some of us. The majority, though, will be aware that they need to understand the brief and deliver according to it.

It’s crazy to go to the expense of hiring a journalist to present your event or film and then not leverage the skills we bring – why not take a chance and see how much we can upgrade your corporate video? The example with which I started allowed me some leeway and, I hope, benefited from it. Why not join them?

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