phone-602973_640If you wanted to discuss how I can help you, feel free to click here to email or call 07973 278780. If you wanted to talk about using me as a speaker or facilitator at your conference, my agent Francesca Coker at Jillie Bushell Associates is on email here. If you’re trying to get hold of me and I’m not answering/in meetings, feel free to use the link on the right to schedule some time.

If you’d rather just leave details, which I won’t share, you’re welcome to use this form.

For a fuller CV than you’ll find here I have a page on Wikipedia and a business page on Facebook.

As you might expect I’m on social media a lot. You’re welcome to follow me on Twitter or ask to connect on LinkedIn. I do use Google+ a bit but this is mostly duplication of stuff you’ll find elsewhere. If you don’t mind a bit of personal stuff thrown in as well as the professional, you can find me on Facebook. Just stand back if my daughter’s done something to make me proud.


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