Do you need media training?

Do journalists make you nervous – but do you need to talk to us all the same to publicise your business? I can help. The video above gives you some idea of my thinking – and it applies to the vast corporations as well as the startups I’m discussing in the clip.

I take the fear out of media engagements and make them more productive for your business, focusing on a good outcome for either side. I’ve coached people from C level executives to account managers, from companies the size of Microsoft to the smallest micro business. The front page of this website is my blog – it will give you a flavour of the sort of insights I offer. I’ve also been interviewed for magazines and TV – I’ve seen this from both sides.

Here’s an eBook of tips to start you off, mostly drawn from the blog:

When you hire me, you get:

  • A tailored media training course run at your premises – before the session we will discuss what you need, whether you have any experience and take it from there
  • A trainer with over a decade of experience coaching press spokespeople and over two decades in the press – and I’m a current journalist rather than someone who’s done this in the past
  • Thoughts about what to do when a journalist asks for written comment – why do they never use the bits you want?
  • Optional interview training followups
  • Masterclass option: Ask me about extending the session into a TV and radio studio – make your session pay if you need multimedia help! (Take a look at my eBook on broadcast media for an idea of some of my thoughts).

I can offer messaging sessions, open seminars for more than one client, interview practice and numerous other services. Click this link for a PDF of my Media Training rates – and get a free copy of the e-book when you come to the session.

Feel free to use this form to get in touch – you have my word your details will not be passed on to any third parties, I’ll just take a note of you as someone who’s interested in the service.

If you’re someone working internally with a business or want to sharpen your news and feature writing then have a look at the work I do with the Henshall Centre in London – I’ll look forward to meeting you on one of our courses.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you – feel free to email me with any questions anytime.

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