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Press interviews: aim for a big finish

The best novelists know where they’re going and plan their finishes first. So do the best interviewees in press interviews. Is it time you started?

I’ve been working with my friend Paul (pictured and hiding behind some of his equipment) in our media training masterclass just lately, which consists of some fairly intensive interviews and feedback.  One of Paul’s best pieces of feedback is that people should aim for a strong conclusion.

This might seem less important if you’re working with the written media. One of my worst habits in communication is that when I’m making a point I tend to tail off at the end rather than finishing well. That doesn’t matter in conversation and in a written interview, nobody’s going to transcribe the last “er…” which may be what you actually said. So it doesn’t matter, right?

Be memorable in press interviews

The thing is, the journalist will go away and write what he or she remembers. Of course there will be notes in press interviews, maybe even recordings, but essentially when we start writing the lead-in tends to consist of what stuck in our minds as important.

That last tailing-away “er…” isn’t going to be it. However, if you go into an interview certain of the points you need to make and then make them, and summarise them at the end in an upbeat manner, we may well remember better.

This is never emphasised better than when Paul records something, plays it back to participants and they see the difference for themselves. They also pick up all sorts of other repetitions and habits they hadn’t noticed before, and as an experienced cameraman Paul supplements my own media insights with all sorts of visual and audio tips.

There’s no substitute for solid content of course, but presenting well visually is a skill worth mastering. And no, you don’t have to be a supermodel to look fine on a screen.

If you’d be interested in taking your video skills beyond a big finish (but do that first!), Paul and I would be delighted to help – call me on 07973 278780 or fill in the form below and we’ll talk.