If you’re in something, be in it

Just time for a quickie today. I spent yesterday evening in Poland on the jury of the CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing event (for people who don’t know, among my freelance work is the editorship of Professional Outsourcing Magazine).

Many of the entries were well written and explained their case clearly. Which is why one or two of the remainder stood out by just putting their names in and no detail at all. Details are confidential of course, but the effect was like having an entry for PR company of the year (if there were such an award), putting the company name in and not submitting anything else.

I’ve seen this happen before when I was on the panel for the Nectar Small Business Awards, also for last year’s Guardian Small Business Awards. Some people genuinely believe the judges will just “know”, presumably by osmosis or something, that a particular business is award-worthy.

Well, here’s the news. We don’t. We need something to work with, and just a name and phone number really isn’t going to do. If you’re going to be in an award scheme, or if you’re coaching your client to enter, be in it properly. A cursory entry isn’t going to achieve anything apart from annoying the judges.

The award ceremony will take place in Warsaw this evening.

2 thoughts on “If you’re in something, be in it”

  1. It’s hard to imagine what people are thinking sometimes. On the plus side, it means less competition for everyone else who can at least be bothered to put together a proper entry.

    P.S. Poland must have been a tad chilly!

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