Online media training offering – if you need to take it at your own pace

interview, media training

Do you worry that if you engage with the press, you end up doing our bidding rather than doing anything beneficial for your own business?

Perhaps you’re just a little nervous of being interviewed by a journalist or blogger. Or maybe you’re not nervous, you just want to know a bit about how it works so that you know what to expect, and how to prepare properly.

In any of those instances a face to face media training session will help you, but not everyone can manage the time commitment. If there are a few people in your company wanting help it may be problematic to get everyone into a meeting room at the same time.

Bringing media training to your device

So my friend Liton Ali of specialist PR training company the Henshall Centre and I have teamed up to build our interview skills course and offer it online.

You’ll learn what journalists are looking for and how to take control of an interview so both participants get something solid out of it. You’ll get commentaries on preparation and you’ll see examples of where interviews have gone well and where they’ve done badly. You’ll learn how to analyse your target outlets and make sure you deliver what they need whilst building in the messages that will work for your business.

You’ll find text, downloads, video, quizzes and eventually games. It’s in a build-your-own-adventure format in about 40 small chunks, so you can grab bits at your pace rather than sit through everything all at once.

It’s available in preview at a discounted pre-launch price if you sign up here. This paragraph will self-destruct at the end of April when the formal launch happens!

It’s been a fair while in the making and Liton and I hope you’ll find it really useful!